High-key at High Posts


inspired from the artwork of Isa Lorenzo, i have been triggered to develop this certain fetish (not in the intimate way) of taking photos of anything that resembles wires + posts. initially what i had in mind was something that would produce a work of minimalism and the same time, it would somehow contradict the very idea of minimalism in such a way that the art it displays uses a LOT of detail (contrary to the core principle of minimalism itself) yet again, being able to produce such minimalist design in a rather-modernist approach.

so basically what i did is i pointed my ye ole sylvie up and made it to a point of capturing images in a high-key tone and to think of it, these are all stationed in high locations. xD

so yeah. i wouldnt claim the idea as mine for as i ve said ive been inspired by the artistic work of one of my favorite artists/photographers. you can check her out at Silver Lens PHotography (go google it, forgot the link).

the idea has been running in my head since March and its only now that i got the chance to upload these. btw, captured these images on march 22, black saturday, julius' birthday which was our only break from webdeve way back then.

so yeah. it seems urban but it’s actually agri-urban in setting.

its one type of art that not everyone appreciates but i just love it. :)

i know these lines are inaesthetic, but i tried my best to convert them into really aesthetic works. :)