Rock and Roll Dream: Featuring Bono Diaz.
Do not be blinded by the industry. Music is not only for money. Music can be everything for someone into it. Just be creative.

Ubel, or Iso as she is called by her peers playing the role of one of the butlers too - a scary one that is. :D

Model Renel Sarmiento reconnects with mother nature midway through his walk on the way to the top of Pinagbanderahan (filipino term for lightpost)

Ginny as "Johnny Jr.", one of the Butlers for the Butler Cafe of Shizen Orchestra.

MJ Adato, as the "celery stalk"
fusing the idea of the green flora and the celestial clouds, we come up with an image of a fair, white woman with her natural attributes towards beauty


Portraiture ranging from classical, emotive, spontaneous, glamour and fashion portraiture. These models are my friends and we choose to apply several non-common themes.


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